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A fun, lively chicken coop

Spring 2024 Pens and Projects

Paints & Black Silkies

Meet Jam, as in Jelly and Jam. He is our two-year-old straight black stud muffin we use to breed our paints and blacks. He hates me, but loves Sophie. No clue. 

Black silkie rooster

Mottled and Choc. Mott. Silkie Project

This is going to be another fun, but long one for me. I have the perfect birds for creating this pattern, but only one lowly mottled baby. And, she or he is chocolate. I'll keep everyone updated. This could be many, many years.

Chocolate Mottled Silkie

Blue, Black, Splash Silkies

Sophie is beginning a long term BBS project pen. She is breeding blues to work with her chocolate line to create some amazing platinums. There will be some fun colors coming out of this pen.

Blue Silkie rooster

Furness bantam Cochin Project

We are so close to filling in the chest area with their trademark stunning penciling. 2024 will be the year we get that color tweaked and 2025 will be for type. I see this project complete in less than 3 years.

Furness bantam cochin

Chocolate and Chocolate Mottle B. Cochins

I could have chocolate chickens all day long and these girls do not disappoint. This yard is covered by Pot Pie our porcelain rooster until we can find the right boy for them.

A chocolate mottled bantam cochin

Chocolate Paints and Chocolate Silkies

This is Coconut. He is the happiest 1 year old rooster I've ever met. Coconut loves skipping around the yard. A trait he has passed down to his kiddos. 

Chocolate silkie rooster

Frizzle, Naked Neck, & others Project

Another long-term project pen. These guys will not be SOP for many years, but that's okay. This group has the best personalities and sweetest dispositions. I can't wait to see what's in store.

Frizzled Satin hen

Lemon Blue bantam Cochin Project

This color actually fell into our laps by accident this year and we couldn't pass it up. If you haven't seen a lemon blue, then you have no idea what you are missing. Think of a sunny summer afternoon and the storm clouds begin the roll in. That's our Lemon Blue.

Lemon Blue bantam cochin
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