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Join us in our chicken adventure.

Montgomery County, Texas

day old seabrights quackers
backyard fire pit picture
Queenie outside first time 100520
Pepper in the pool 2
charming 2 100820
Bees in the garden 42819
wet ruby
ruby in the hen house
new babies 100820
chick and eggs in straw
chick and eggs in straw.jpg

Who says you can't have a few chickens? Or 50?

Soon, we will go live on Twitch so you and the rest of the world can join in our chicken adventure. Help choose treats, barn colors, chick names, and more. The feed, once live, will run continuously, day and night. You might just happen upon other critters, like Peter, the friendly rabbit who enjoys the garden long after we are asleep.

Click Here to Watch
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